Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back in ECU

After two months of being in the US we are back in our house in Ecuador! I am happy to be back, getting in our daily routine, homeschooling, cooking, even cleaning...but can't help to be sad to be away from people we spent time with, got to know better, family members I don't see often, our routine over there, warm weather, frizzy hair, etc., etc. We had a great time in TN as well as in FL. The good thing is that we will see our family again in January for my brother's wedding (CAN'T WAIT!)

Kids are so happy to see their pets and teddy bears! We are starting homeschool right away, even though we are kind of rusty since those two months were very relaxed as far as school is concerned. We visited many libraries though, also learned about Andrew Johnson (the 17th. president of the USA), we visited his hometown, saw the original tailor shop he had, the kids got a Jr. Ranger batch by taking a tour and answering a few questions, we visited a couple of museums, learned about the tabernacle, we had a bunch of nature walks, birding, bug finding explorations, chores, baked cookies and cupcakes, fed and care of bunnies, dogs, goats, cats, hamsters and even bearded dragons! Reading back I realized our homeschool was not bad! rusty? I don't think so! We didn't do much worksheet related work which I don't mind (neither the kids!), we finished our guinea pigs lapbook while in TN, worked on our chocolate lapbook also, did some math and grammar worksheets also.

Now we are focusing on being positive and excited to see what God has in store for us as far as where we will go. We will see if we will stay here in Ecuador or go back to the US, depending on my hubby's  job. We are earnestly praying to God to show us what are we to do, what doors He will open or close. Again, we are getting excited to see what He has prepared for us! We are in His hands!

Going to bake some Oatmeal muffins now... might post about it later!



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chocolate chip cookies!

We made some yummy for my tummy choc chip cookies!! They were on the healthy side made with olive oil, unbleached flour, brown sugar, egg whites...of course chocolate chips, and walnuts... They were amazing! The soy milk completed the treat! Yum yumm!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Time with family

We are having some well awaited family time with my sister and nephews in TN!!! I miss this place so much!!! I still don't understand what is God's purpose for taking us out of this beautiful country place and send us to Ecuador, but all I have is to trust in His perfect will... Someday I will be able to see the big picture and say "Oh, that was why!!!" Until then I decide to enjoy and blossom where I am... I mean, I love Ecuador, love the freshness of the food, the beautiful landscapes, affordable utilities, but especially the fact that I am close to my dad and mom (actually that is one of the main reasons why I am content to live there). Meanwhile I will enjoy TN, the last days that I have! Time is flying by so quickly so I better take advantage of my time here with my family, right? See you in a bit...


Knoxville World Fair Park

Growing buddies...


My Calebi


Yes, we like to make silly faces...

Monday, April 02, 2012

Happy Times!

Just an update on our lives...Hubby is working hard on losing weight and building up muscle. I am following him...:) Kids are striving in homeschool and in their electives. Dami is taking soccer training classes and Mia is at piano classes! Everyday brings new expectations which become great memories!  Living life to the fullest!



Monday, February 07, 2011

Poem to ponder...

Words are Wonderful Things
Keep a watch on your words, my darling,
For words are wonderful things;
They are sweet like the bees’ fresh honey,
Like the bees they have terrible stings;
They can bless like the warm, glad sunshine,
And brighten a lonely life;
They can cut, in the strife of anger,
Like an open, two-edged knife.
- Mrs. E. R. Miller
I am working on teaching my kids to use nice, kind, sweet words, especially to each other, what a hard thing to do! This poem will be read to them often and would like for them to memorize it also, let see how it works!


Funny video

I thought it was cute, and the kids had a nice laugh with it!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday Family Night!

We missed daddy! We had to celebrate Thursday Family Night the three of us. We went to grab something to eat after I picked up Dami from his painting class, we got some new pets and had a nice time!
Here are some pics...

 Dami and his new doggy, Pie (since he has another doggy called Pumpkin, so now he has Pumpkin Pie!)
 Pie and no name yet!

Mia and her new pet, no name yet!

Had a great TFN! Next week with daddy!

Happy Bday Gio!

Twenty-six years ago my brother was born. I remember clearly when we went to the hospital to meet our little brother. Years have passed by and now he is a handsome young man, but still my little brother. I love you Gio, hope you have a nice day! God has given you another year for you to use it wisely and enjoy it fully. I get sad on these dates when my loved ones are far away but my prayer is for you to be happy and healthy, and for us to be able to see you once again soon!

Love you much,


We called you earlier and left a message singing happy bday, well, here is the video version...hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I have decided to use the blogger again. I stopped because it takes lots of time to post pics, and things, but I love the fact that this tool is a way to store all those moments that maybe as time passes we forget. I have been reading posts from 2, 3 years ago and it makes me want to start again! I treasure the little things I do with my kids and family so I am back! I will not post daily because of time issues (we are very busy now that homeschooling is more structured) but I will try my best. Whoever reads this I hope it can be a blessing for you but especially I want my kids to have a way to look back and see how their lives were many years ago and the happy moments we shared as a family!



Family's pics